Simon Ellis - Senior Recruitment Consultant for the Construction and Engineering sector.  Simon understands the need to carefully match the candidates's skills and experience to the company brief.  He is an expert at uncovering potential, because he knows his area of the market so well.

Jan Doyle - Director and Recruitment Consultant for the Aged Care Management sector.

Getting the most out of your recruitment consultant.

  • Make sure that they are armed with a good job description, and candidate profile
  • Give them information about your company – so that they can in turn inform the candidates
  • Know what is good about your company – so that we can “sell” these benefits to candidates
  • Be available to interview and offer feedback on our candidates.

This will result in more accurate and efficient recruiting. In this market, good candidates are placed quickly. Don’t miss out on getting the best possible staff for your company!

Our Recruitment Approach

Doyle Consulting Limited adopts a systematic approach to recruitment which is fair, efficient and effective. We adhere to the ethical standards of RCSA, and place particular emphasis on confidentiality.


Usually our recruitment process begins with a precise understanding of the job requirements as well as the client’s image, culture and policies. This allows us to give complete and accurate information to applicants, and to make fair evaluations of applicants. Sometimes we will identify people that are likely to benefit your organisation – and we will “float” these people for your perusal.

Our methodology is consistently applied to every applicant, and includes objective evaluation tools.


As specialists, we are up to date with the current labour market, and have a constant resource of high calibre applicants to draw upon. We are experienced in creating advertisements that appeal to our target market segment, and have designed display advertising in such a way that costs to clients are kept at a minimum. We also spend considerable time screening applications on the telephone, to save both ourselves and applicants time. We will not proceed to perusal of CVs or interview unless we are reasonably confident the applicant has appropriate skills and experience.


Our emphasis on building lasting relationships with clients provides us with thorough understanding of their needs. This enables a more accurate match of applicants to positions.


Doyle Consulting Limited has a fee structure based on the base remuneration – you will not be charged for vehicles, or possible bonuses.

We are pleased to be able to offer a considerably discounted rate in return for exclusivity.

Doyle Consulting Limited are Recruitment Specialist providing for careers in Healthcare Management and Construction and Engineering.

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You will find a cross section of our client vacancies below, however, if you do not see a position of interest – do not let that stop you from making contact!  If you are an experienced in either Construction & Engineering OR Aged Care Management – then please let us know what is on your wish list for your next position – and we will assist in uncovering an exceptional opportunity for you! 

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